Global Lotteries: More Problems With Bogus Lotteries

According to the local newspaper, there has been a new type lottery fraud in Austintown.

At first, the victim does not see a scam. However, she believes she or he has been robbed and is now able to claim an unexpected income. One Austintown woman discovered $1985 in a check from the Global Lotto Commission after she opened her mail.

The lady received a letter along with her cheque informing her that she had won a portion of the $125,000 lottery prize pool. To go further, she needed to call a certain number and speak with a named representative of the organisation. The lady that received the letter was smart enough NOT to call the number, but she instead gave the letter to the authorities 2d lottery.

The Global Lotto Commission, which is often used as a cover for scams, does not exist.

Some of the recipients of the money and letter might have cashed their cheque believing nothing could go wrong. It is false. Anybody who calls the number will be instructed to forward money to a money transfer service to cover administrative charges. The bank will soon discover the cheque is invalid, and the victim can then send his or her money to the criminals.

Camelot and the British National Lottery administrators know how widespread the scams are. Therefore, they want to make it well-known that no one should ever give money or personal information to these scammers and to show the world what bogus communications look. The scammers are after your personal data or your money.

The British National Lottery’s administrators offer information for all, and this information is applicable to all international lotteries. Although these guidelines are now well-known, they are still important to communicate.

Any legitimate lottery organization won’t contact any player who has won a prize. Winners must contact the winning organization to show their ticket and claim their prize.

To be eligible for any legal lottery, players must purchase tickets or join a syndicate. There is no exception. Once you have paid money, you will know that you are part of a lottery. Although you can play lotteries online now, you still need to buy tickets before the drawing takes place.

The British National Lottery administration and other legitimate lottery administrators would not email you to inform you how much money you have won. They do not have any reason to.

Nowadays, scammers are more sophisticated. You may find emails with a link embedded that will lead you to what appears to be an official lottery site. You may be asked for your personal information or to download software. All information you give will be used to access and even make purchases for your account. Such links should not be used. 

There are many ways to verify that an email or letter sent is genuine. If you still have doubts, check Google for the official lottery website. If your results show a different site, you might be the victim of a fraud. If you are unsure, you can search the name of any lottery organization in any communication to see any reports about scams.

All global lotteries have websites. They include information about scams as well as how to avoid them.

The golden rule is to not accept any correspondence, email or phone call from someone claiming you have won an award in a lottery. Although you have the option to report frauds online, your local police or trading standard department may be interested. It is crucial that you don’t follow any instructions given by the scammers.

This type of scam has already taken too much money out of their victims. It is time to end their sources for money and information.

Keith Braithwaite was a direct seller for twenty years. He is an Elottery Affiliate. Personal development, painting, drawing photography, cycling, and all things outdoors are his other passions.

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