Win More Money at Blackjack With These 3 Casino Promotions & Bonuses

Blackjack is an entirely skill-based game. You can easily win 60% of those hands per trip with common sense knowledge and a good understanding of the game play mechanics. There are many well-known casinos that offer player interactive bonuses that more often than not help players. Even if you don’t know much about any of these bonuses, it would be a great idea to find out, especially if we only visit once. You can win as much as 10-15% by using these casino promotions play in ggplay. The top three bonuses that you need to know before your next trip are these:

Promo#1 – Most casinos with good sizes offer “players club” cards. People don’t realize that these promotions can give away more money and comped food, as well free slot play and gifts. A blackjack player’s best option is to use the player cards in order to make what casinos call a “match bet”. You can earn up to four or five matches for every $20 you play on a hand, depending on the amount of play. Your initial wager of $15 would be matched with the promotional match for a total of $30. If you win, you will receive $30! Imagine how cool it is to win this hand when your initial wager was only $15. 

Promo#2-Many single-deck blackjack tables include a royal matching bet. It is an additional bet that you place in addition to your main hand. The odds of a royal match exceeding the initial wager are usually not high. If you place a royal matching bet, and the cards you receive are of matching suits (ie. heart-heart or spade-spade or diamond-diamond or clubs-clubs), then you can win either a 3:1 or 5:1 payout, depending on how the payout policy is. These ratios are most common. The cool thing about this is that even if the royal match ends in your favor, most times you’ll come out ahead. Try it next time you are at a royal match. You’d probably win it one of the four times, so why not?

Promo#3 – This bonus is great. If you win a specific combination of cards, some casinos offer this bonus. These bonuses will be highlighted on placards that are placed at the tables. These are the most popular. I have seen many variations of twenty-one, but these are my favorite. You can get dealt a 6-7-8, 7-7-7 or 21-total and the house will give you $10-$25 more for that. You can also get a 7 card 21 or an Ace-queen suited hearts pair, and the bonus is almost as high. This is a great addition to your winnings. The best thing about it is that it occurs more often than people think.

Take a look at these exclusive deals for casino players the next time that you plan to visit the casino. Keep in mind that this is just another way for players to get more of the casino’s money. Don’t leave it up to chance! What are you waiting for?

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